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Digital Marketing for 2017

Digital marketing has become quite popular in the last few years. Every new year, trends emerge that push the limits, forcing businesses to adapt to meet the new changes. Well, for 2017 here are the expected trends that are bound to expand the niche, forcing businesses to make more sales.

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More Insight Into Brand Revolution

Consumers have continuously utilized social media as a platform to interact with the businesses. Here, they can share their feedback, make their purchasing decisions and allow businesses to find a way to cater to their needs and wants. As a result, the brand revolution has become more insightful and promising. In 2017, more businesses are expected to find ways to understand all the basic consumer decisions and shape their products precisely to meet the needs and wants of their consumers.

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Prominent Social Media Marketing

Social media has a huge reach and various options that can engage an audience in the online marketplace. Although social media has played a huge part in digital marketing, it’s expected to grow much bigger in 2017. Of course, social networks are shifting from Facebook and Twitter to the newer channels such as Instagram and Snapchat.

To cater to generation Z, digital marketing will have a more prominent presence in social media, especially the new channels. Here, businesses will provide videos, photos and more content that is bound to increase organic traffic effortlessly leading to more sales.

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More Headway Into Mobile Marketing

Most of the consumers and users on the internet rely heavily on their mobile devices. From searching for their favorite brands to actually purchasing products, consumers use their mobile devices to make any decisions. Therefore, digital marketing is bound to make more headway into mobile marketing in 2017.

Mobile devices will provide faster, smarter and very intuitive information as expected. Also, they are bound to become more ingrained into the daily culture and patterns. Furthermore, they will dramatically influence all the consumer decisions at any point of purchase. Basically, they will become the most valued partner for any online shopper. That’s because consumers will constantly rely on the information available to look for coupons, brands, products and much more.

Smartphones have seen an increase in Google searches with more on the rise. SEO & Digital Marketing can capture those customers

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Instant Communication With Generation Z

It’s right to say that the Generation Z consumers have grown up with surrounded by technology and social media. Therefore, they expect instant communication through any channel and much more. Therefore, these consumers tend to appreciate social channels with instant communication such as Instagram or Snapchat. Therefore, for 2017 digital marketing strategies are bound to navigate towards instant communication to cater to the expectations and needs of generation Z consumers. Basically, the spontaneity and instantaneous communication channels will revolutionize online marketing for both businesses and consumers.

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Affiliations And Partnerships

Digital marketing was introduced as a stand-alone perspective. However, the expected trend is that there might be a few affiliations and partnerships with other efforts for the best results. For instance, it is bound to be partnered with social media marketing, search engine marketing and much more to produce exceptional results. Therefore, rather than investing in each of these disciplines separately, the best way forward is to make it a complete package to realize the best marketing efforts.

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Possible Trends In Digital Marketing To Look For

Merchandizing Wearables

Wearables products such as watches and much more are bound to become more prominent in 2017 digital marketing efforts. If businesses need to become more relevant in 2017, they need to strategize their digital marketing efforts to include wearables. It is a move that’s about to generate more branding results and advertising benefits. Of course, the wearables can be purchased or given to consumers as incentives for purchasing products from the business. Whatever, the method, wearables are the newest additions to digital marketing strategies and the right move for any business is investing in them.

An Outstanding Shift Into Artificial Intelligence

With the various notable advancements in technology, artificial intelligence is bound to become a more prominent accessory in digital marketing, in 2017. Numerous start-up brands have employed a few A.I solutions in their digital marketing strategies making it easier for consumers to navigate a very complex world. The technology is expected to be used in various consumer environments such as prediction of consumer needs and various other electronic applications.